Business Taxes have you confused? At Tax Express and EA Accounting, we help you navigate business taxes and financials to make your life easier and your business financially sound.

EA Accounting Services

Professional accounting services for Businesses

Business Owners have a hard job these days trying to navigate through the world of business financials. The other obstacles in their business is that they have to hire people and train someone to properly handle the business accounting and the books. For some businesses this is a nver ending and daunting task.  You have a business to run that requires your focus and attention to be successful. Thats why we are here to help.


Trust us to help you with your accounting books, transactions, financial processes and all your other business tax and accounting needs. We are here for you...every step of the way. We understand business accounting and the way to employ efficiency in your business so that your accounting process is streamlined and easy.


Contact Us Today for a consultation to see how we can save you money in your business and save you time that you can invest back in your business!


We offer many different business accounting services depending on the complexity of your business and the nature of your needs. For businesses, we also offer discounts for frequent scheduled accounting and tax services to save you even more money. We are fast, knowledgeable and very reliable and will exceed your expectations for your business needs.


Let EA Accounting take care of your business financial needs!

Some of the business financial and accounting services that we offer are:

  • Company Set-Up, We help you find the best entity to fit your needs
  • Book Keeping Services - Gross Receipts Taxes, 1099, Misc. Financials
  • Payroll Services - Employee Pay Checks, Payroll Reports, 941 and Payments, W-2S
  • Taxes - 1040, 1120, 1120S, 1065 and 990
  • Software Training for Business Process on Peachtree and Quickbooks
  • Consulting for IRS and NMTRD Issues
  • Handling of other Taxes and Forms
  • Bill Pay Services, Filings, Bank Reconciliations and Compiling of Financial Statements
  • We specialize in helping you get caught up on your taxes
  • Our Accounting Fees range from $25.00 - $125.00 per hour depending on the scope of work
  • Don't forget that we offer discounts if you sign up with us to be a monthly or quarterly customer.